Achieving Marketing Efficacy Using Digital Media Technologies

Achieving Marketing Efficacy Using Digital Media Technologies

First, the aspect of marketing came in; then the various methods to enhance the same. The Return on Investment, (ROI) is probably the most important thing for any business right now. This consequently creates the need to adopt a marketing strategy that ensures marketing efficacy.

The need to achieve marketing efficacy led to the need and development of modern digital technologies, which, since their inception have seen continuous improvement. Initially, it was commonplace to advertise through mainstream media such as radio and television. Now the age of technology has made marketing largely dependent on digital media technologies including the internet of things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

By definition, digital media is any type of information encoded in a format that can be read by machines. Digital media technology is commonly found in advertising and marketing sectors and in forms such as websites.

On the other hand, marketing efficacy is the extent to which a marketer’s marketing strategy is successful at maximizing the returns and reducing costs or resources used to gain clients. To learn more about marketing efficacy and digital media technologies, visit Suss Digital Africa.

“In achieving marketing efficacy digitally, the whole idea is to use digital media technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things to understand consumers better, tailor advertisements that will draw their attention and ultimately give them the desired product or service.”

There are various types of digital media technologies that have caused a revolution in the world of marketing, both due to their ability to reach vast populations and to do so within a short time.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    When a lot of us see the term artificial intelligence, probably the first thought that comes to mind is robots or machines that will have taken up human functions. While the concept of AI is closely linked, it encompasses more, intelligence generated by machines rather than that generated by human beings. Artificial intelligence can be as fascinating as robots being used to read human emotions and chat, or as subtle as software embedded in websites to detect human traffic. Either way, you need to be smart about the type of artificial intelligence to use for your system. Suss Digital Africa offers sound advice on the same.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
    CRM software is any type of technology that assists businesses to monitor communication with current and expected clients. Not all CRM platforms are similar. To achieve marketing efficacy, it is best to rely on automated platforms. In such platforms, the users are saved from the task of managing data at too many entry points. For you to achieve marketing efficacy, it is advisable to use CRM solutions that factor in a marketing strategy that is already embedded in your business. This reduces the reaction time and makes actionable items easier to move forward on.
  • The Internet of Things
    IoT is basically the network of physical ‘things’ embedded with software, sensors, or other types of technology to enable the connection and exchange of data with other devices via the internet. The interconnectivity of digital devices allows brands to gather consumer data that helps them tailor their commodities and services to fit the wants of clients. The data that is available via the IoT includes that on consumer behavior. IoT can involve the transmission of data from software such as heat-tracking, which allows one to identify the areas that experience the most landings on your website. This allows you to know what areas to capitalize on while marketing.

“As a business owner, it is important to note that under the various categories of digital media technologies, there are diverse means you can use to enhance your marketing efficiency.”

Digital media technologies alone cannot achieve marketing efficiency. You need an effective digital marketer who will not only help you to carefully plan the marketing steps of your business but who also has a good understanding of your clients and the world of digital media technology.

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