Boring Content? Help your business do better

Boring Content? Help your business do better

Even the easiest to impress personality draws a line where boring content applies. 

As a party seeking to expand your digital marketing capability, you have a lot of work to do and one is being able to create content that will make your product irresistible to consumers. Content marketing is a form of marketing that involves sharing online materials such as videos, images, or songs. While not aimed at explicitly marketing a brand, it is essential in creating interest for the same.

Notably, digital marketing and content creation are different in that the creator seeks to boost sales while the latter seeks to build engagement with your target audience. Either way, when used hand in hand, the two have the ability to help you achieve much more for your business.

“As a digital marketing expert, I cannot speak against content marketing. However, it is the ability to create intriguing content, while at the same time applying digital marketing that will make your brand stand out.” 

As is, content creation is already taking online marketing by storm. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok are all buzzing with content, making it a relatively saturated area in marketing. As digital marketing seeks to ease the jam caused by content marketing, the latter remains relevant. The only challenge is to stand out from the clutter with engaging and impactful content. How can you achieve this?

Do not Claim the Position of Hero in the Story

  • Boring content comes if you place yourself as the hero of the story instead of your target audience. Remember, the aim is not to prove yourself. What academic scholars will say is, market a product (tangible or intangible) that resonates with the culture of your target audience. Are you looking to introduce an online counselling platform? Is the business in the line of making deliveries? Is it a short mixologist training course online? For each, create content whose theme merges with the business, and most importantly, with the habits/ culture of the target audience.

Capitalizing on Creativity

  • Achieving interesting, outstanding content is not all about the money or keywords. First, content marketing takes up many forms including the use of infographics, songs, funny content such as memes or videos. You need to realize that it takes more than pumping funds into the marketing campaign to avoid boring content. You must be more intent on applying the creative bone. Obviously, this must be the hardest part about content marketing because who has the time to sit and research on funny/ interesting ideas for inspiration while there’s so much to do? Instead, consider hiring an expert on your team. Allow light sessions that will enhance the flow of ideas. Since the aim is to create authentic content, encourage them to follow their creative instinct even while borrowing from other places. Provide ample time for research so that can develop valuable information. Lastly, do not be afraid to reward your content creator handsomely.

Stand Out!

  • Explore interesting topics. The fact that your business focuses on dentistry does not mean that you cannot throw in interesting topics such as when wooden teeth were first invented. The content you create, while having to remain relevant, does not have to be safe, or along the lines of what others in the same industry post. Surprise your followers by introducing intriguing content.

Mistakes as Lessons

  • Lastly, learn from your mistakes, and those of your competitors. Just like there is an emphasis to reflect on yourself to identify your weak areas, look back at your business and identify the areas in content creation that need to be addressed. Where did your followers give the weakest reactions? How did they comment on your content? Assess the strategies used by your competitors and determine what failed to work for them. You will have a better standing on the decisions you make on content creation after this.

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