Push Notifications

Deliver your brand’s message or offer directly to a user’s device, even when they are not browsing. Get special events, find prospects with user activity targeting, send up to 1M messages in less than a minute – the possibilities are limitless.

Display Ads

We provide multiple types of traditional display banner ads, including skyscraper, rectangle and leader board. These ads are versatile and deliver high engagement.​

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are an ultimate way to immediately capture attention.Take advantage of the vast creative space, direct contact with a user on both desktop and mobile, and an impressive CTR.

Pop Ads

Pop ads provide massive reach at the lowest cost along with access to our exclusive inventory of publishers. Get guaranteed visits and generate fast conversions.

Native Ads

Click with your audience with ads that match the look, feel, and function of the media format where they appear.

Video Ads

Video is definitively one of the most efficient support for digital advertising campaigns. ​


Connect with your audience with the world’s leading customer engagement platform​. Send messages directly to your customers via SMS.​

Location Targetting

We use location targeting to reach your target audience in a specific geographic location. This approach enables us to tailor the advertising campaigns to..

Monthly Digital Exposure Across Africa

YouTube Mirrors

Context-Aware Video Targeting Solution.

Suss Ads offers a game-changing in-video context detection system that accurately identifies various elements within videos, such as faces, logos, objects, locations, actions, on-screen text, and audio.

This innovative approach enables precise targeting at the video level, offering a more nuanced and contextually relevant advertising experience.

TV Synced Digital Ads

Enhancing Cross-Platform Advertising

TV-synced Suss ads are a cutting-edge advertising strategy that synchronizes digital advertisements across multiple platforms with television commercials.

Enhance your reach, brand exposure, and message consistency by simultaneously with digital ads on various devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) with TV ads.

This cross-platform approach ensures that viewers receive a cohesive advertising experience, regardless of their device. TV-synced digital ads help amplify traditional television commercials’ impact, capturing the audience’s attention on multiple screens and increasing the likelihood of user engagement and conversion.

WhatsApp Chat-Bot for Business.

Give your customers an exceptional experience and satisfaction with our cost-effective features developed just for you and your brand.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with over 2 billion monthly active users.
Over 100 billion messages are sent every day on WhatsApp.

98% of messages sent on WhatsApp are opened and read by recipients.
According to a report by Data Reportal, 89% of internet users in Kenya use WhatsApp.


24/7 availability: A WhatsApp Chatbot can provide instant support and assistance to customers at any time of the day or night.

Cost savings: Automating customer support with a Chatbot can help the client save on staffing costs.

Increased engagement: WhatsApp is a familiar and convenient channel for many people, and a Chatbot can help increase engagement with customers

Location Targettng

We use location targeting to reach your target audience in a specific geographic location.

This enables us to tailor ads to specific regions, cities, or even neighborhoods, providing a highly targeted and effective advertising experience.

Using geolocation technology, we identify the target audience and the specific regions where they are located. In addition to targeting specific locations, we also use location-based data to inform other aspects of the campaigns. For example, we adjust the timing and frequency of ads based on the location and time zone of the target audience.

We also use location data to inform the messaging and creative used in their campaigns, tailoring them to the local culture and customs of the target audience.

Brand Safety

Run your ads only in BRAND SAFE places
  • Our publishers’ engagement policy ensure that your brand is safe from fake news, crime, hate speech.
  • Exclusion of inappropriate content through page, sound and speech check.
  • Additional brand safety layer available through segment targeting exclusion – crime, hate speech, drugs, arms, etc.
  • Combination of proprietary and on-demand 3rd party activation.

Our Digital Partners

We have significant direct connections across the globe.

Top Websites

We connect with your audience on premium placements.