Suss Digital Africa Unveils Cutting-Edge Digital Media Platform for Enhanced Consumer Experience

Suss Digital Africa Unveils Cutting-Edge Digital Media Platform for Enhanced Consumer Experience

Suss Digital Africa, a leading digital marketing solutions provider in Africa has unveiled an innovative and game-changing platform that promises to offer its clients an unparalleled experience. With over three years of dedicated service to its clients, Suss Digital Africa understands the changing market trends, the rapidly evolving digital industry, and the growing consumer demands better than anyone else.

Suss Ads 2.0 is a self-service platform designed to offer clients premium digital marketing packages that cater to their specific needs. The Suss Ads 2.0 delivers over 20 billion impressions monthly across Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, DRC, Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Egypt, Algeria, and Ghana, and allows brands to place ads, target, optimize and monitor various ad formats including Push Notifications, Pop Ads, Interstitial Ads, Programmatic (Video) Ads, and Programmatic (Display) Ads on a top-notch and easy to use interface.Suss also offers a comprehensive SMS service that enables businesses to communicate with their customers more effectively.

With SMS, businesses can now quickly and easily reach their target audience and provide timely and relevant information, promotions, and alerts. Clients can create and send messages directly from the user-friendly Suss ads 2.0 dashboard. Suss SMS also includes features like auto-replies and scheduled messages, ensuring customers receive the information they need when they need it.

Suss SMS service is cost-effective and an excellent option for businesses looking to enhance their communication and customer engagement. Suss Digital Africa’s commitment to quality service delivery has seen the introduction of four new cutting-edge tools:

  1. The Demand Side Platform (DSP)
  2. The Supply Side Platform (SSP),
  3. The Private Marketplace (PMP), and
  4. The Data Management Platform (DMP).

These tools will enhance visibility for the client’s brand, provide protection from rogue data providers, participate in live bidding processes, and enable easy channels for inventory to ad exchanges. Suss Digital Africa is not only focused on providing high-quality services to its clients.

The company has also partnered with reputable agencies and parties to increase brand credibility and ensure clients are associated with legitimate data dealers. With partnerships like Enreach, Audigent, 1PlusX, and credible publishers such as Standard, Business Daily,, K24 and Tuko Kenya, Suss Digital Africa gains priority access ahead of public auctions, making it easier for clients to reach a larger and more diverse audience.

Suss is also working with marketing agency giants like Dentsu, Saracen Media, Oxygene MCL, and Bean Interactive that manage major brands like Nivea, ABSA, Unilever, Mozilla, Udemy, and directly working with brands like Betika, SportPesa,, and Bio Foods has given Suss Digital Africa a wealth of experience in handling clients from diverse industries, providing unique insights and different points of view in navigating the marketplace.

By organizing marketing campaigns for these clients, Suss Ads has interacted with consumers on different levels, offering robust knowledge on how to grab and shift their attention to client products.

Suss understands the importance of tailoring advertisements to the right target audience. The company’s intensive market research has enabled it to separate its target audiences and markets according to demographics like age, gender, personality, and background, which influence how consumers perceive a brand. The company’s progressive partnerships help tailor advertisements better by offering consultations on how to attract consumers and help clients avoid advertising to the wrong crowd.

Suss Digital Africa is committed to providing the best digital marketing solutions for clients, continuously learning and integrating new ideas into its culture. The company’s new partnership with big companies seeks to offer clients a platform where all their needs are met under a single umbrella. For businesses seeking to gain a foothold in the market, partnering with Suss Ads offers a unique opportunity to achieve outstanding results.

Contact Suss Digital Africa today to learn more about its new platform and packages.

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