Digital Listening

We invest in understanding your social footprint by tracking online and social conversations about your brand, product, campaign, and management team.

Hashtag Tracking

We provide a systematic method that enables your team to gain comprehensive insights for assessing the efficiency of your campaign and hashtags.

Campaign Monitoring

We help your team identify consumer insights for optimizing your keyword strategy. We allow you to measure the performance of ad campaigns in real time.

Social Channels Analytics

We analyze the performance of your own social channels and benchmark with the competition.

Competitive Intelligence

Our deep dive approach helps you learn from competitors for optimizing your own strategy.

Crisis Tracking

We track a crisis and instantly share all relevant information with your team or clients. Our tools easily create post-crisis reports.

Content Analysis

Our tools are at hand to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy and find the right content and right channel for the right audience.

Our Capabilities

We monitor emergent critical situations and promptly disseminate all pertinent information to your team or clients. Our tools effortlessly generate reports subsequent to the resolution of the crisis.

We will analyze online, social content

Global coverage monitoring. Customize crisis dashboard for real-time brand listening.

Fully integrated platform ideal for visual listening to make sure you get the full picture on social and online channels.​


We provide the most relevant and impact oriented information using advanced Artificial Intelligence.

We have the ability to monitor your brand results in real-time and get access to up to 1 years historical data​.

It allows us to combine leading social media analytics with the industry’s most comprehensive visual listening technology.​