What Programmatic Advertising is, and Why You Need it

What Programmatic Advertising is, and Why You Need it

Programmatic Advertising

You may have been scrolling down your Facebook page and suddenly an article on a subject you enjoy reading appears. At the back of your mind, you will probably ask yourself how coincidental this was, considering the topic was one you covered recently or had been reading about for a while. You will probably dismiss this since it won’t have occurred to you yet, that this was a targeted form of advertising. 

This may not be the only incidence of programmatic advertising. However, despite its elaborate presence in our spaces, it is a form of advertising that is still not well understood. This, however, does not dismiss that top websites such as The Economist and Google use it, and can attribute their success to it. 

So what is Programmatic Advertising?

Perhaps the simplest definition of programmatic advertising would be the use of automated technology to buy media. Programmatic advertising mainly makes use of data insights and algorithms to serve advertisements to a target audience at the right time and price. Simply put, it makes use of traffic data and online target marketing to give more accurate and efficient impressions. Although being a relatively new and technical approach to advertising, programmatic advertising offers numerous benefits to businesses. 

However, its technicality should not be an issue to you as Suss Digital offers ample expertise so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy traffic in your business. 

In Programmatic advertising, there are two main parties; the buyers or advertisers and the publishers or sellers. Both sides have to use a computerized channel to allow the transaction on the ad exchange. You must consult an expert who will take you through the vital details of programmatic advertising such as the appropriate web spaces to use so you can make informed decisions on the same. MD, Suss Digital Africa

The Numerous Advantages of Programmatic Advertising, and why they are necessary for your business…

Having gained a rough idea of what programmatic advertising is, understanding why it is important becomes equally necessary. As an individual looking to stand out in the increasingly competitive world, programmatic advertising offers brand awareness that is more specific to the needs of your target audience. You can be sure that wherever your advertisement will come up will be a space that will not irritate the potential consumers as is the case with a majority of advertisements. More benefits of programmatic advertising are highlighted below. 

  • Access to numerous ad spaces

Since programmatic advertising supports several ad networks and exchanges, it allows the advertiser access to far greater space on numerous websites at once. For such accessibility, it also offers access at tantalizing prices.

  • Transparency

Programmatic advertising allows live access to data about ad placements and activity, allowing transparency. Although there have been issues with transparency in costs related to programmatic activity, there are solutions that are already underway to curb the issue.

  • Data Reporting in Real-Time

As mentioned above, access to data in programmatic advertising takes place in real time. This is also an attribute of the advertisement form that allows advanced reporting about the placement and performance of advertisements in real time. This allows advertisers and publishers to improve campaigns accurately and quickly. 

  • Relevance

The purchase of programmatic advertisements allows advertisers to gain access to a large ad inventory across several ad exchange networks within seconds. These networks include private marketplaces and premium inventories where high-quality traffic is rampant. With programmatic advertising, advertisers are assured of finding means to maximize the relevance of the advertisements with regard to the target audiences. 

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