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Elevating Your Brand

We are an integrated DIGITAL MARKETING and COMMUNICATION platform with a vast reach in the African region.

We enable you to ENGAGE with your audience at the RIGHT TIME and on the RIGHT AD PLACEMENTS.​

Our Core Pillars

We offer tailored solutions with these 3 core pillars in mind.

  • Media Exposure
  • Performance
  • Marketing Tools and Technology

Precision Targeting

Our DIRECT DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS and PRECISION TARGETING TACTICS will help you achieve this in a cost-efficient way.​

Guaranteed Ad Placement

We GUARANTEE AD PLACEMENT within safe and suitable environments.​


We work COLLABORATIVELY with you to adapt content specifically to channel & audience segments.

Relevant Data

We utilize the MOST RELEVANT data to personalize & optimize campaign delivery.

Reach more Customers with Top Performing Ads Formats

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Impressions Across Africa

We set you ahead of the curve and keep you there.

Semantic Contextual Targeting

How we ensure your message will catch attention.
  1. Scan and listen audio track of video, transcribe from speech to text and analyze semantics as well as context.
  2. Extract primary keywords from the speech in the video and on-page editorial content
  3. Classify into categories based on the identified keywords
  4. Assess brand safety score and relevance
  5. Serve our partner’s ad before the relevant content even begins

Smart Bidding


Generate sustainable volumes of traffic or target placements that deliver high conversion rates for you via whitelisting.


Pay only for the users that have already expressed some interest in your product by clicking on the ad.

Our Clients


Built atop of CPM/CPC bidding, while the system is finding converting traffic according to the desired CPA and targeting.


We bid for you based on an algorithm that automatically finds the best possible prices (CPM) for each ad placement.

Our Clients

We have worked with some of the best brands in the region.

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